20th Anniversary Whitehorse Meet & Greet

Photo Courtesy of Gareth Sloan

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Monday, June 25, 2018, 6-9 p.m.

  • The Meet & Greet is moving this year to the grounds of the historic SS Klondike (free tours available). Thank you Parks Canada!
  • Special 20th Anniversary group photos taken of past and current racers by the SS Klondike

Celebratory Meet and Greet

You are invited, racers, sponsors, support teams and volunteers past and present

History of the race

SS Klondike site tour

Huge, fun, and catered supper

20 years of racers, volunteers, sponsors and support!!

We need to have one great big party before we challenge this glorious River and this is the night. For the first time in 20 years we will include everyone…all our favourites!!! And yes, we’ll be asking the Racers to hand out the handshakes, backslaps and the plates!

We want to invite and thank all you wonderful people who’ve supported us…sponsors, racers, volunteers, board members.

  • Wear your YRQ shirt from the year you participated or your current racer or volunteer shirt so that we can take the most fabulous photo of our racer family!!!
  • And Yes, we’re on the SS Klondike site for the evening. How marvelous to be on our National Historic site and to have Parks Canada as our partners! We’re hoping for tours of the boat!
  • It should be huge, it should be an opportunity to see old friends and to make new ones and it will be a stand up with lots of great food.
  • Thanks to our special 20th Anniversary celebration sponsor : The Community Development Fund for giving us funding for our supper for all!!! Yeah, Government of Yukon!!!
  • Food catered by Yukon Pigs and Rigs, serving BBQ pork and chicken, with vegetarian and gluten free options, with contributions from Save On Foods and Northland Beverages.