Canoe Rentals


Voyageurs: $1750
Canoes: $750

From pickup as early as June 18 until finish of race. Earlier pickups charged additional weekly rate. 

You must be captain of a registered team to rent a canoe. Contact the race office to reserve and book:

50% deposit required at time of booking, balance must be paid by May 15. Other details covered in rental contract.
Each tandem canoe comes with a spray skirt. Voyageur canoes have flotation compartments, so no spraydecks required. Padders must provide own paddles, tow ropes and everything else that is required. See photos of these canoes in action under the chart below, which shows which canoes are currently rented or still available.

Note: Kayaks may be rented from the following Whitehorse outfitters: Kanoe People, Up North Adventures, Yukon Wide Adventures

YRQ Rental Canoe Canoe ID Status
Langley Voyageur Cedar 2006-1 Rented
Clipper WWII White 2007-1 Rented
Clipper WWII White 2007-2 Rented
Clipper WWII White 2007-3 Rented
Clipper Voyageur White 2015-1 Available
Jensen 18 White 2005-4 Rented
Jensen 18 White 2005-6 Rented
Jensen 18 White 2005-7 Rented
Jensen 18 Yellow 2004-1 Rented
Jensen 18 Blue 2004-2 Rented
Jensen 18 Yellow 2004-3 Rented
Wenonah Minnesota II Red 2014-1 Rented