• IMPORTANT! – YRQ asks for the cooperation of all those involved in following the race to keep the highways safe. There is no stopping along highway shoulder to view the race. Near the Carmacks checkpoint please do not use the highway shoulder for parking: watch for parking areas.
  • NEW! Dawson City bus charter information: The YRQ is chartering a Klondike Experience bus leaving Dawson at 1:00 pm on Sunday June 30. The bus will carry 20 people and will be able to tow 6 canoes. The rate per person is $145.00 + GST. The rate per canoe is $120.00 + GST. Contact
    Info@klondikeexperience.com to book a seat and say it’s for YRQ.
  • Setting Up SPOT Tracking Devices
  • First Aid Kit Information. Make sure your team has all these items at boat checks. See complete list of required gear posted in current rules.