Where can I see the Race?

—We recommend that you print this page and use a highway map for directions.
Start • Rotary Peace Park, 1200 (noon)
• Starting line for the run to the boats is in the middle of the park’s green lawn. Stay behind barricades until all racers pass, then follow them to shoreline.
• Great shoreline views from the Whitehorse riverfront.
Viewing points
(Whitehorse to Carmacks, Days 1 & 2) —
—• Burma Road (approx. 12 km, 8 miles) – turn to right goes down to river, decent road, decent view.
—• Policeman’s Point (approx. 13 km, 9 miles) not the best road, but better view and last chance to see teams before they hit the lake. This is an official checkpoint where racers must call out their number.
—• Robert Campbell Highway (after Carmacks, turn right at junction just past Coal Mine Campground). For next 35.9 km / 22.3 miles (until Little Salmon) there are turnouts where you can spot teams from high bluffs.
—Carmacks Checkpoint 5 at the Coal Mine Campground opens at 0600 Thursday morning.
—LOCATION: 2-2.5 hours up N. Klondike Hwy. from Whitehorse. Carmacks is reached by highway first but is actually downriver from Little Salmon. Several river views along walkway in town. Cross large Yukon River bridge to Coal Mine Campground CP 5, about a mile further on the right just before junction with Robert Campbell Highway. —Required 7-hour Stop.  Teams may stay longer if they need to. This is a very busy place; do not get in the way of teams and volunteers. There also are good viewing spots from the riverfront in downtown Carmacks.
Viewing points
(Carmacks to Dawson, Days 2 & 3)
—• Five Finger Rapids Viewpoint (about 23 km/15 miles from Carmacks on left). See next slide for how to access viewing platform above the rapids.
—• Yukon Crossing Viewpoint (about 39 km/24 miles from Carmacks on left), turnout on left affords view of wide bend in river. Teams will sneak around islands on down to old Yukon Crossing, where the old winter ice road crossed the river.
• —Minto Landing (about 74 km/46 miles from Carmacks on left), 1 km road to river. See slide for map. Last chance to see teams before Dawson.
Dawson City – Finish Line

• Finish line and checkpoint before the old yellowish building on the dike near the gazebo. Great views of teams pushing toward the finish from anywhere on the dike.

• Takeout 100 metres or so downstream. Teams go around the tour boat Yukon Queen and then turn right into the docking area (well before the ferry crossing). Watch for race officials on shore and assist your team. If you are not part of a support crew, please give them room and applaud teams as they finish.