2006 Yukon River Quest Race Awards

Top Yukoners  (sponsored by Chilkoot Brewery):
Ryan Martin of Team Kissynew and Andy Sewap of Team Opimiskaw

Top Senior Award  – oldest team to finish: (sponsored by Inanda Images):
The Ancient Brits, Graham Sheward and Richard Clives

Top Women’s Team (sponsored by Bold Rush):
Heather Nelson, TeamKayakForCare

Red Stove Award (sponsored by Haywire Industries):
Dr. Michael Faughey-Scraggs of Team Bones and Bill Winslow of Team Keet arrived
together at 3:21 a.m. Sunday.

Spirit of the North Award (sponsored by Raven Ink):
Scott and Dave McGee of Team 13, Prairier Schooner II; and  John and David Little of
Team 46 Blazing Paddles III, with an honorable mention to Team 78 Michael Hayes – all for coming to the aid of Team 14, A Blonde Idea, Lisa and Karla McGee, after they hit a sweeper at Five Mile Bend, swamped, and then were stuck on a log jam for over two hours before a safety boat was able to get them to Little Salmon. While Dave held fast to their own canoe, Scott climbed over the log jam to save both his sisters and their kayak, then Team 46 arrived and stayed with them for two hours, and Team 78 also stopped and offered them a stove and food to keep them warm. This was fortunate as our safety boats were very busy upriver aiding other teams that had scratched after the wet, cold start and windy lake overnight. The RCMP were called to launch their boat  but the McGee sisters were recovered by a YRQ safety boat before the RCMP got its boat in the water. Thanks to all who helped with this rescue and others who assisted in the recovery of other teams.

Fastest Team (free entry in 2007 YRQ):
Team 30 KayakForCare 2, Brandon Nelson and David Kelly, new course record of 40:37:05!!!


Solo Kayak Women
1st. Team 44 KayakForCare, Heather Nelson, 46:32: 27 (new record) – $1500
2nd. Team 17 Lubbock Flower Power, Ingrid Wilcox, 57:04:00 – $500
3rd.  Team 18 Grandma Bun Bun, Linda Bourassa, 63:28:06 – $250

Solo Kayak Men
1st. Team 34 XL, Carter Johnson, 44:56:34 (new record) – $1500
2nd. Team 63 Down Under One, Tom Simmat, 47:21:19 – $500
3rd. Team 76 Burning Daylight, Jeffrey Bannish, 50:44:25 – $250

Tandem Canoe Mixed (combined with Women – only 2 female teams)
1st. Team 51 V&E’s Express, Veronica Wisniewski and Edoh Amiran, 49:17:19 – $1000 (they requested sharing top 2 prize money with 2nd place team!)
2nd. Team 38 Arconoe, Pauline Frost-Hanberg and Viki Cirkvencic, 49:18:56 (new women’s canoe record) – $1000
3rd. Team 59 Wahine Ice, Laurel Archer and Michele Genge, 51:45:02 – $250

Tandem Canoe Open
1st. Team 31 EMS, Steven Landick and Gregg Nelson, 46:01:27 – $1500
2nd. Team 82 Opiniska, Andy Sewap and Dennis Fosseneuve, 49:02:42 – $500
3rd. Team 35 Talus, Chris Wenger and Ferdi Wenger, 49:48:48 – $250

Tandem Mixed and Women’s Kayak (combined, just 3 teams)
No awards – all entries scratched

Tandem Kayak Open
1st. Team 30 KayakForCare 2, Brandon Nelson and David Kelly,  40:37:05 (new record) – $1500
2nd. Team 26 British Army Team A, Matthew Bailey and Shaun David Thrower, 46:01:28 – $500
3rd. Team 27 British Army Team B, Richie Astridge and John Catto, 47:13:30 – $250

Voyageur Class
1st. Team 84 Kissynew, 42:56:13 (new record) – $1500
2nd. Team 61 False Creek Women, 50:59:13 – $500
3rd. Team 77 Scarlet Fever, 53:17:36 – $250